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Clark Gable as Captain America.
James Cagney as The Punisher.
Marlon Brando as Ghost Rider.
Errol Flynn as Tony Stark.
Gene Kelly as Superman.
Elizabeth Taylor as Wonderwoman.
Clint Eastwood as The Dark Knight.
Ernest Borgnine as Ben Grimm.
Bela Lugosi as Dr. Doom.
Yul Brenner as Charles Xavier.
Steve McQueen as Wolverine.
Burt Lancaster as Cyclops.
Humphrey Bogart as The Green Hornet (detail).
Humphrey Bogart as The Green Hornet.
Fred Astaire as Kato.
James Dean as Peter Parker/Spidey.
John Wayne as Nick Fury.
Boris Karloff as Brainiac.
Kirk Douglas as Thor.
Lauren Bacall as Mystique.
Paul Newman as The Silver Surfer.
Rondo Hatton as The Hulk.
Cary Grant as Captain Marvel.
Charles Bronson as Judge Dread.
Young Frank Sinatra as The Joker.
Gene Kelly as Clark Kent / Superman, V2.

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